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The Benefits of a Gluten Free Diet!

29.10.2020 Gluten Free Kitchen
The Benefits of a Gluten Free Diet!

It is astonishing how many people go about their lives without knowing they have an intolerance to gluten, suffering with the symptoms that come with it. Well, we hope that today's blog will highlight those common symptoms and explain the benefits that come with eating a gluten free diet!

There are so many benefits of adopting a gluten free diet, and it may shock you to know that weight loss isn’t necessarily one of them. In today’s blog we’re going to highlight the symptoms of coeliac disease and gluten intolerance and explain the benefits that come with a gluten free diet.

What are the symptoms of Coeliac disease/ Gluten Intolerance?

We discussed this slightly in our Welcome Blog, that it is extremely difficult to diagnose any strength of gluten intolerance as the symptoms are all so similar to other common diseases. Suffering from coeliac disease or even slight gluten intolerance can be extremely uncomfortable and painful when the condition isn’t managed properly. To name a few, some of the symptoms are:


●     Diarrhea

●     Fatigue

●     Weight loss

●     Bloating and gas

●     Abdominal pain

●     Nausea and vomiting

●     Constipation

●     Iron deficiency  

●     Itchy skin rash


Not at all nice things to have to deal with and for a gluten intolerant person, some of these symptoms are a daily occurrence.

What Causes These Symptoms?

Similarly to all intolerances, the symptoms are caused by a trigger - this particular trigger is of course gluten, which is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. When a gluten intolerant person consumes these proteins through different types of food and drink, it signals an immune response within the small intestine and overtime the lining of the small intestine becomes damaged. It is then difficult for vital nutrients to then be absorbed which creates our symptoms.

What are the benefits of a gluten free diet?

Due to the multitude of potential symptoms of gluten intolerance, that means there are also many benefits. However, these benefits are only really felt by those who have coeliac disease or are sensitive to gluten. This is due to the fact that by eating a gluten free diet, the uncomfortable symptoms that sufferers of gluten intolerance have are reduced or even resolved. Some of the amazing benefits are as follows:


●     Improves skin health

●     Reduces amount of headaches

●     Reduces depression

●     Improves energy levels

●     Helps towards healthy weight gain

●     Eliminates bloating


This is why we are so passionate about producing great quality and convenient food for those who need it, as when eating the correct food, the results can be life changing.

When we first had the idea for this business, accessing gluten free alternatives wasn’t as easy and even now, the range in supermarkets can be limiting or the products fall in other important areas such as flavour and quality.

Having an intolerance to gluten shouldn’t mean we miss out on tasty treats and naughty snacks - so, we have created a solution.


If you’d like to try any of our tried and true gluten free products, pay our shop page a visit today.

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