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A Gluten Free Guide to the Best Valentine’s Day!

01.02.2021 Gluten Free Kitchen
A Gluten Free Guide to the Best Valentine’s Day!

In today’s blog, we’re going to share what we think are perfect ideas for Valentine’s Day and we’ll be keeping it sweet with lots of goodies that will inevitably make a loved one's day! Couples and singles alike because let’s be honest we all deserve a little love, attention and baked goodery on Valentine’s Day ❤

Here are our top 6 Valentine's Day gift ideas especially for you…


1. Self love

First and foremost, especially as we continue through these testing times, we all must remember to be kind to ourselves. Making sure we carve out as much time as we do for others, for ourselves. We suggest some or all of the following:

●     Peaceful walk down your favourite local route

●     A brew with your feet up and your favourite Magazine, book, film or series.

●     Copious slices of our oh-so-indulgent Gluten free Chocolate and Cherry Cake - which, just for you, we have discounted through the whole of February (so you best be quick)!

●     Bubble bath

2. Surprise 

A gift is made that much more special when it’s a surprise and a sure fire way to surprise a loved one is to get them something they love but would not expect. This can be tough and you might be thinking that it means it needs to be expensive, but it really doesn’t. It will always be the thought that counts more. For those afternoon tea lovers, why not surprise them with a Valentine’s themed afternoon tea? We have an exciting new addition to our online shop that would suit the occasion perfectly - The Scone Box! Full to the brim with 5 flavours of our most popular vegan scones 😍

3. Classics

We can’t possibly forget about the cliches, what would Valentine’s Day be without them? Cheesy cards, giant teddy bears, flowers or chocolate simply never fail, and how about you switch up your go-to milk tray with our extremely delicious gluten free chewy triple chocolate brownies - these alone will earn you a lot of brownie points! (pun intended 😂)

4. Favourite drink

Why not stick to the firm favourites? If you know someone likes something in particular then you can’t go wrong! Base a gift around a favourite drink. A hamper of fancy tea or an array of the special coffee they like. Lots of mini gins or their all time favourite red wine. Whatever their tipple of choice may be, pair it with something yummy like our moist gluten free fruit cake!  

5. Special Delivery

Send a little doorstep treat to your favourite people. The current circumstances make even the little things a lot trickier and as we can’t travel all that much let us deliver something special for you! Choose anything from our range of goodies over on our online shop and we can deliver it for you anywhere in the UK. Pick from all of our gluten free favourites; are they a victoria sponge fanatic or crazy for carrot cake? We’ll have something that will make their day!

6. Time

Time is so precious and costs us nothing. This could arguably be the best, and yet simplest, gift you could give someone this year. A phone call, a Facetime call or even a walk together. Make sure to devote some of your time to those you love as that is something that really means the world to us all right now.


We hoped this has helped spark some ideas as we edge closer to Valentine’s Day! Let’s make sure we remember though that all of these suggestions work every day of the year and we don’t always need to wait until Valentine's Day each year to make our loved ones smile and one easy way to do that is with cake - take a look over on our online shop to see if we have your loved one’s favourite or treat yourself to an indulgent classic!


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