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Get Ready for a Gluten Free Easter 🐣

16.03.2021 Gluten Free Kitchen
Get Ready for a Gluten Free Easter 🐣

Springtime is upon us at last! The days are lighter and longer and the daffodils are showing their faces. It’s the brighter days we have all been waiting for and just around the corner is one of the sweetest holidays - Easter! 🐣

Now, what would Easter be without lots of goodies to dig into? That’s what made us think here at The Gluten Free Kitchen - what could we add to our extensive gluten free range that would be perfect for a gluten free easter delight?

Well, we had a light bulb moment and here we are with the return of the delicious addition to our gluten free range…


The Gluten Free Simnel Cake

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soya Free and Vegetarian


The simnel cake is a long lived easter tradition and can be traced back to the medieval times. It has come a long way from the basic well-risen bread it once was.

A satisfyingly light fruit cake layered with addictively sweet marzipan and as an extra homage to the traditional easter story, the simnel cake is decorated with extra marzipan in the shape of balls to symbolise Jesus’ disciples - traditionally there are eleven, however, we got a bit too excited and got carried away! 🙊

Gluten free simnel cake

Ideal for your afternoon cake break or to top you off, just nicely, after your evening meal. We have our Gluten Free Easter simnel cake in two sizes to suit your household; a 6” (950g) round cake and also a larger 8” (1.5kg) - so our cakes are the perfect treat whether you’re having a quiet one or a big egg-stravaganza this Easter!

As this is our Easter special, we suggest you are quick, our Gluten Free Simnel Cake may just go in a flash. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go search for it, you can buy yours right here 🎉






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