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The Best Places to Buy our Gluten Free Products!

13.06.2021 Gluten Free Kitchen
The Best Places to Buy our Gluten Free Products!

We might be located in the small town of Leyburn, North Yorkshire but our Gluten Free goods are within arms reach to all. We have worked hard to make our gluten free products available, through various methods, to every one of you nationwide!

Are you local to Leyburn? It goes without saying that you can buy our gluten free treats.

Live near a Waitrose? Well then, you too can buy our gluten free goodies!

How about Sainsburys - Do you have one close by? Congrats! Our most popular products are in close range to you as well

Live anywhere in Mainland UK and have access to the world wide web? You guessed it, you’ll have no problem getting your hands on any of our gluten free delights.

We told you. Access for all! And this is how:

All the places you can purchase our Gluten Free Foods.

Our Local Stockist

For all of you who live close by, we have a range of products right on your doorstep. If you head into Campbells of Leyburn, you will find a whole range of our Gluten Free products in their freezer aisle. Easy peasy to add into your daily/ weekly/ monthly shop.

Our Supermarket Stockists

We are so very proud to have our Gluten Free Apple Crumble  stocked in both Sainsburys and Waitrose. Waitrose also stocks our Gluten Free ready to roll pastry and delicious Gluten Free Custard Tarts. If you’re lucky enough to live near either store, you’re one of the lucky ones who have around the clock access to our yummy Gluten Free puds, simply head down their frozen foods aisle.

Unsure where your closest store is? You can find out right here!

Buying Online

For all of you who are neither local nor live near a Sainsburys or Waitrose, fear not. We are online too and can deliver right to your door!! 🎉

By shopping online you have access to ALL of our delicious Gluten Free products, nothing is off limits. Unless it’s out of stock, to which we are so sorry! However, we are always working as quickly as we can to restock all of the firm favourites that fly out our doors to our lovely customers. Why not check online now to see if your favourite Gluten Free food is in stock?

We like to think that we have covered all of our basis, to make sure that our Gluten Free foods are available to all. It can be very hard to find good quality food that accommodates for dietary restrictions, especially that also tastes delicious. With each and every product we add to our range, we’re trying our best to bring you all of your favourites with a Gluten Free makeover. We hope you’ve managed to find what you’re looking for 😊


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