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It’s World Chocolate Day!

01.07.2021 Gluten Free Kitchen
It’s World Chocolate Day!

Although no one needs an excuse to eat chocolate, for all you chocolate lovers, today is even more acceptable to indulge than the rest! It’s World Chocolate Day, where chocolate is celebrated all over the world for being the prestigious snack and delicious treat that it is.

World Chocolate Day has not been long celebrated, having only been established back in 2009 when it felt overdue and only right to dedicate a day to the firm favourite amongst many. It is said that this day is marked as the anniversary of our beloved chocolate entering Europe, way back in 1550!

Chocolate certainly is the favourite for many, but once again it doesn't always come easy for people suffering with Gluten intolerance or dietary restrictions. Although many chocolate bars are suggested to be gluten free, as they do have any ingredients that include gluten you still must be very careful. Certain chocolate can have traces of gluten due to them being made in the same factories as other products made with gluten. For some, this can be just as dangerous as eating something that purposefully includes gluten, especially for sufferers of Coeliac disease; even tiny traces are detrimental.  

So, what chocolate is gluten free?

Here is a list of 7 well known chocolate bars that don’t contain gluten directly (but do always double check the ingredients and allergens):

Cadbury’s Twirls
Fry’s Turkish Delight
Cadbury’s Crunchie
Cadbury’s Curly Wurly
Cadbury’s Wispa/ Wispa Gold
Daim Bar
Galaxy Smooth Milk

To be honest, the list could be quite long with these only listing a few of the chocolate bars that are identified as gluten free.

With the chocolate bars covered, we like to make sure that there are also plenty of chocolate baked goods for gluten free chocolate lovers to sink their teeth into, as these aren’t quite as easy to come by. We have 3 products at the gluten free kitchen that are guaranteed to fix any chocolate craving and best of all help celebrate World Chocolate Day to the fullest.

Take your pick from our rich and very more-ish, chocolatey treats!

Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate and Cherry Cake

Gluten freee chocolate cherry cake

Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Cake 
Gluten free chocolate cake-1

Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Brownies 
Gluten free triple chocolate brownie

We think you’re fully equipped now to run wild and celebrate World Chocolate Day the only way you can - eating as much chocolate as possible! If chocolate isn’t for you but you want to join in the treat eating fun, you can see all the sweet delights we have to offer over on our online shop. 

Let us know if you’re enjoying one of our chocolate treats this World Chocolate Day by sending us your pictures on social media, we would love to see them!  

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