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Happy Yorkshire Day, Folk!

01.08.2021 Gluten Free Kitchen
Happy Yorkshire Day, Folk!

It’s Yorkshire Day everyone! One day of the year where we can shamelessly shout from the rooftops how much pride we have for our beloved county!

We all know that Yorkshire is deserving of this dedicated day - but where did it come from? 

The Origin of Yorkshire Day

On the 1st of August, way back in 1759, the Yorkshire regiment famously won in the Battle of Minden - a 7 year long war with France and Austria. As a homage to their county, soldiers wore wild roses as they defeated their opponents. This introduced an opportunity to show real appreciation for Yorkshire and now it opens up the doors for us to celebrate our great Yorkshireness in many ways, shapes and forms. 

How will you be celebrating Yorkshire Day?

Wherever you may be on Sunday 1st August, you can pay homage to Yorkshire. Across the county there will be many celebrations taking place but that isn’t the sole way you can show your devotion to Yorkshire. Celebrate exactly how you’d like. Maybe meeting up with your fellow Yorkshiremen or cheersing to Yorkshire at home with your evening wine. Though no celebration is complete without a great big spread and if we can help you with anything, it’s that! Afterall, celebrations are just good reasons to eat lots of good stuff, right? 

Our Yorkshire Day Celebration Pick 

On Yorkshire day we come together, so why not celebrate by sharing. We have the best product for you full of lots of lovely sweet treats to enjoy. Our Sweet Treats Share Box is for two and has ALL of these delicious gluten free goodies inside! 

   Vegan Cranberry & Orange Scones 4 PackGluten Free Sweet Treats Box for 2

   Bakewell Tarts 2 x 70g

   Rich Moist Fruit Cake 300g

   2 x Coffee & Walnut Muffins

   2 x Vegan Chocolate Muffins

   2 x Vegan Spiced Ginger Muffins topped with Lemon    Frosting

   2 x Vegan Luxury Carrot Muffins

   2 x Victoria Muffins

   Custard Tart 2 x 80g


Do be quick as this box is currently on offer - It should cost - £37.10 + £4.50 postage but our offer price is £32.10… that’s a saving of £5.00!

We hope you have the best time celebrating God’s own country! ☀

You can find your treat boxes just here or browse our many other products over on our online shop! 





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