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Our favourite Gluten Free Pizza Inspired Recipes

09.02.2022 Gluten Free Kitchen
 Our favourite Gluten Free Pizza Inspired Recipes

Today is National Pizza Day! We absolutely adore the Italian classic and just because you are gluten free doesn't mean you have to miss out on this cheesy delicacy. With our easy to use savoury pastry, you can make a range of different pizza creations in no time. In celebration of this wonderful occasion, we've put together a few of our favourite recipes for you to enjoy making but more importantly eating! 

Flaky Pastry Pizza  

We love this recipe from Gem Framboise! This slightly unconventional pizza recipe which can be made using our ready to roll pastry is bursting with Italian flavour. The trick here is it's all done backwards! Cook all your veggies first then add some mozzarella cheese, gruyere and your toppings of choice. Then pop your rolled out shortcrust pastry on the top and bake. Whether you are a BBQ chicken person or a classic pepperoni this reverse shortcrust delight will suit any pizza lover and despite its name is so easy to make!


 Pizza Pies

Tired of the same old quiche recipe? These little pizza pies from Netmums are the perfect gluten free snack or lunchtime finger food. They are so good even the kids will love them! Ready in as little as forty minutes they are easy enough to make as a midweek meal too. The method is quite similar to that of a quiche, just line a tray with our ready to roll pastry, beat your eggs, milk and herbs together and add your cheese and other veggies such as chopped tomatoes, spring onions or even pancetta. You can make these pies in individual portions, snack-size or one giant pizza pie!

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 Pizza Pockets

If you are looking for a gluten free alternative to a calzone this recipe from BBC Goodfood is irresistible. They can be made vegetarian if you wish and you can even give them a spicy kick with the addition of some chilli flakes. Another recipe that benefits from our wonderful ready to roll pastry, filling them with tomato sauce, then cheese and toppings ensures the cheese stays in the middle and doesn't stick to the top layer of pastry. Once folded they only take twenty minutes in the oven to cook! Pizza pockets pair wonderfully with a light Italian salad or gluten free garlic bread - yum!

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Looking for some more inspirational gluten free baking recipes? Check our last blog here. We also stock a sweet almond pastry as well as a range of gluten free products you can browse on our online shop.

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