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Our Favourite Gluten Free Pies

04.03.2022 Gluten Free Kitchen
Our Favourite Gluten Free Pies

This week is British Pie Week! Here at Gluten Free Kitchen, we love a good pie and several that we sell have received numerous awards too. From classic steak and ale pies to sweet potato and spinach there really is a pie for everyone. That’s why we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than to put together a list of our favourite gluten free pies.  


Gluten Free Pork Pie 

We can't miss this favourite off the list! Even if you are gluten free you can still enjoy a yummy pork pie. Made using hand raised and free-range pork shoulder, smoked bacon and pork sausage meat as well as fresh herbs and spices encased in a beautifully crafted hot water shortcrust pastry, this is the perfect traditional pork pie. 


Gluten Free Chestnut Mushroom, Squash and Thyme Pie

Who said pies are only for meat lovers? This superb pie is not only gluten free but it's also vegan! Packed with sauteed chestnut mushrooms and butternut squash alongside a thick tomato sauce in a tasty shortcrust pastry this pie is packed with flavour and is wonderful alongside some sweet potato chips or mash and assorted vegetables. This humble little pie is not to be missed. 


Gluten Free Steak and Ale Pie 

We couldn't miss off the old classic, British staple, steak and ale pie! A popular dish served at pubs all across the country, our gluten free version is just as irresistible. Succulent top side Staffordshire Beef cooked in St Peters Dark ale and sweet carrots, mushrooms and onions all wrapped up in freshly made shortcrust pastry, the proof is in the pudding (or pie!) with it winning the bronze award at the 2019 British Pie Awards. Pair it with some mashed potatoes and mushy peas for the ultimate night in.


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Don't forget Gravy!

What is a good pie without gravy? There are plenty of ready-made gluten free gravy options available in supermarkets but why not go the extra mile and make your own? We love this quick, easy recipe from Gluten Free Baking that uses your pan drippings, stock and rice flour and is ready in no time. If you ate looking for a gluten free, vegan option this great recipe from DetoxInista which uses onions, garlic, mushrooms and tamari to make this delicious gravy.

Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration for British Pie Week as well as some meal ideas for a quiet night in. You can shop our full range of pies over on our website and even make your own with our gluten-free ready to roll shortcrust pastry

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