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Our Favourite Bakes Using British Tomatoes

01.06.2022 Gluten Free Kitchen
Our Favourite Bakes Using British Tomatoes

It’s British Tomato fortnight! This little known national week celebrates all things tomato and we thought what better way to celebrate than a collection of our favourite recipes using our own ready to roll shortcrust pastry. So grab your humble fruit (or is it a vegetable?!) and get cooking!

BLT Tart

Gluten Free

We all love a good BLT (on gluten free bread of course) and tomatoes are a key ingredient. This recipe from BBC Good Food creates a nice twist on the classic sandwich by using shortcrust pastry and topping it with chutney, a cheesy sauce, tomatoes and ruffles of prosciutto. Once it's baked and cooled you simply add your lettuce and serve! This tart is great as an easy midweek dinner, light lunch or can be stored in the fridge and taken to work the next day! If you are looking for something to pair it with why not try some homemade chips.

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Old Fashioned Tomato Pie 
Gluten Free, Vegetarian 

This recipe from Lavender & Lovage originates from America's Deep South and is a great way to use those tomatoes that are lying around. Whilst this recipe calls for puff pastry it can be made with our own shortcrust pastry and we much prefer our pies that way! Using a strong, delicious cheese such as gruyere in this recipe will elevate it much more than regular cheddar and pairs wonderfully with the flavour of the sweet tomatoes. Packed with chives, parsley and basil pair it with some fresh Italian salad. This dish can be served cold making it perfect for an evening meal on a baking hot day or to take on a picnic.

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Vegetable and Lentil Pot Pies 
Gluten Free, Vegitarian

Looking for a heartwarming veggie pot pie to enjoy? Look no further than these lovely little pies from Spice Tailor which contain added lentils for some extra protein. Again, made with our own fabulous ready to roll shortcrust pastry these pies take no time and yet have a really fruity, tangy taste and are packed with goodness from mushrooms, courgettes, broccoli and sweet potatoes. It even features a homemade chutney made from fresh tomatoes. Serve with some cheesy baked cauliflower for a yummy main meal that serves up to three people.

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