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Autumn Forage Delights

21.09.2022 Gluten Free Kitchen
Autumn Forage Delights

Now that Autumn is here - the country's forests and green spaces are packed with natural goodness that you can put to good use in an array of different pies! From sweet delights to savoury comforts the natural landscape has so much to offer. What makes these recipes even better though, is the fact that they all make use of our own ready-to-roll pastry. 

Wild Apple Curd and Hogweed Seed Meringue Pie
Vegetarian, Gluten Free 

Looking for something that will intrigue your guests? This fantastic pie recipe from Rachel Lambert of Wild Walks Southwest makes great use of some autumn forage! Wild apples can be foraged into early autumn as well as hogweed seed. Now many of us know of the dangers of giant hogweed, common hogweeds cousin so you must be extremely careful when foraging this plant and ensure you don’t get any sap of any hogweed plant on your skin and stay clear of giant hogweed. As always if you are in doubt, do not pick these seeds and instead substitute the hogweed seeds for poppy seeds which are also in season at this time of year. This foraged twist on a curd pie can be used with our sweet shortcrust pastry, making it a doddle to cook.

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Pear and Sloe Treacle Tart
Vegetarian, gluten free

Sloes are great for foraging at this time of year and they are often used to make a great sloe gin but this is a great edible alternative way to put them to good use. The addition of pear goes wonderfully with the slightly more bitter flavour of the treacle that offsets the treacle sweetness a touch. This recipe from Life Rewilded is so easy and even mentions the fact you can cheat with ready-to-roll shortcrust pastry - which our gluten-free version is just perfect for. You can enjoy this scrummy desert cold, but we love it warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a drizzle of cream. 

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Squash & Chestnut Crackers 
Vegetarian, Gluten Free 

These fun little pasties are great for dinner or to impress your friends with on a picnic. They contain another seasonal, forage delight the humble horse chestnut! This is a great little recipe from BBC Good Food which is really fun to make. Simply fry the onion and squash for 15 minutes throw in some mushrooms and stir in your chestnuts, prunes and sage and season before adding to our own ready-to-roll savoury shortcrust pastry to make it a bit closer to a cornish pasty and bake in the oven. They are great on their own or can be paired with some assorted veg or mash potato.

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It’s time to get foraging! Being amongst nature and the countryside and foraging your own ingredients can be really rewarding. Just remember to be mindful of the other wildlife that thrive off these ingredients and make sure to only take a small amount that you need. It’s also important that if you are ever in doubt of something you are foraging don't eat it! If you prefer some ready to eat goodies you can shop our full gluten free range here

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